A completely free, new ballet CD

Ballet Class Music 10 April 2010 | Comments Off

Today I happened across one of Martin’s CDs which I hadn’t been planning to put up – the tracks are all¬†unlabeled, and if there ever was a bar structure I think it must be long gone by now.
But, instead of letting this music go to waste, I’ll just post it up here. (for free) We [...]

A little secret…

Ballet Class Music 16 March 2010 | Comments Off

Well, I got a couple emails asking me how to download the sample music on the right of the page.
At first I wasn’t going to tell anyone but here goes:
that folder has all of our sample ballet class music for download.

We’ve added printable Bar Structures

Ballet Class Music 16 March 2010 | Comments Off

Due to popular request, we’ve now added printable bar structures for each of our ballet class music CDs.
You can view an example here: ¬†CD “O” Bar Structure
Hopefully this will make it easier for everyone who’s burning CDs or carrying around iPods without easy access to the music pages.